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  • Maha Shivratri (17th Feb. 2015) (Tuesday)
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Shivaratri is great festival of convergence of Shiva and Shakti. Chaturdashi Tithi during Krishna Paksha in month of Fagun is known as Maha Shivaratri. It is a Hindu festival celebrated every year. Shivaratri is also spelled as Shivratri, Shivarathri and Sivaratri. People often fast on the night of Shivratri and sing hymns and praises in the name of Lord Shiva. Hindu temples across the country are decorated with lights and colorful decorations and people can be seen offering night long prayers to Shiva Lingam. Woodapple leaves, cold water and milk are offered to the Shiva Lingam on this day as they are believed to be Lord Shiva's favorite.

It is believed that the people who fast on this night and offer prayers to Lord Shiva bring good luck into their life. The most popular Maha Shivratri celebrations take place in Ujjain, believed to be the place of residence of Lord Shiva. Large processions are carried out throughout the city, with people thronging the streets to catch a glimpse of the revered idol of Lord Shiva.
The word Yagya is a Sanskrit word. It means to "sacrifice in fire or "Agni". The original Sanskrit word is Yagya and the closest pronunciation is Yajna or Yagya. "Since we enjoy the right to breathe, to drink and to get warmth of the Sun, we should also realize our duties towards nature. To maintain the energy of nature we perform Yagya. When we feel weak and sick nature supports us for our survival and success we can do Yagya to acquire energy from nature. These Yagya's which are for particular purpose have rules and regulations and to get the result these must be followed. We attain spiritual development and physical and mental powers through Yagya.
Vedic Jyotish Science and Technology - Mantra Yagya performance is Vedic healing. This is one of the best services offered by Vedic Life Mission. Mantra Yagya neutralizes negative influences and enhances
success in life. The Vishnu Puran says "the performance of Yagya regularly is beneficial to man and is the best way to attain peace" Our Yagyas are performed by Pandit B.B. Shastri, Pt. Gangadhar Sharma and their associates. Vedic healing helps to get rid of ailments easily and permanently. Devilish effects and influences can be removed. Yagya brings prosperity and cheer in our lives. It is most important to study the position and period of the planets in the Client's (Yajman) Kundli chart to select the kind of Yagya to be performed.
Just as light dispels darkness, Vedic Mantra Yagya helps in avoiding negative, unwanted influences before they manifest themselves. Thus they protect us from illness, difficulties and disharmony and create peace and tranquility thus motivating us towards positive actions.
About Yagya
Yagya is a millions of years' old healing therapy based on Vedic Mantras. Specific Vedic Mantras are to be chanted for specific purposes in Mantra Yagya, which are performed by a Vedic Pandit - Acharya in specific tones. Vedic mantras are chanted, prayers are offered and several rituals are performed in the Yajman's (Client's) name. Mantra Yagya neutralizes negative influences and enhances success in life.
Vedic Life Mission- (V.L.M.) It is a recently established mission registered in India. Its main aim is to help people in India and all over the World with Mantra Yagya in a well-organized way and at an affordable price by providing knowledge and service. It is an endeavor of this mission to help the clients worldwide to solve their problems and fulfill their desires. All our Mantra Yagyas and pujas are offered under the supervision of Pt. B.B. Shastri and his associates.
Rise Vedic Yagyam
This offers possible remedy for a person or a group with one purpose. Our mission provides Rise High Quality and powerful mantras in the RiseVedic Yagyam which is effective for more than one person and for up-to three years. You can expect up-to 95% result by the Rise Vedic Yagam. The Rise Vedic Yagam is performed for 25 to 30 days and by 20 to 25 Pandits.
Present Vedic Yagyam
This is similar to RiseVedic Yagyam. To make it affordable we choose some of the mantras from the RiseVedic Yagyam. It is a complete remedy for the purpose. The difference is that Present Vedic Yagya is for individuals and not for groups. This Yagya is performed for 15 to 20 days by 11 to 21 Pandits.
Super Vedic Yagyam
This yagya is meant for routine problems and desires. This Yagya is very strong, and is affordable for everyone. For some specific purpose this Yagya is done with 7 to 9 Pandits for 11 to 15 days. For big problems and faster results we recommend to you, The RiseVedic Yagyam or the Present Vedic Yagya.
Dev Yagyam
Vedic Life Mission does what the yajman asks for. This is Dev Yagyam for example : if you already have a recommendation and you want us to do them as per methods prescribed in Veda and Puran. "This could be for example:- Rudraabhishekam Mahamritumanjay. Durga Saptshati/Kanakdhara /Mahalaxmi Yagayam. Vedic Life Mission Guarantees to do any Yagya at affordable price more info.
Astrology Service
Vedic Jyotish astrology is a part of Vedic literature and has been preserved and handed down in Guru Shishya Parampara and qualifications of astrology. Vedic astrology is the original form of astrology that existed millions of years ago in, what is now known as the Indian subcontinent. Vedic Life Mission is a recently established organization in India, its aim is to help people in India and other countries of the world with Jyotish and Mantra Yagya in a well-organized way at affordable prices and to provide knowledge and service. Jyotish Mantra Yagya is our offering to International clients for solving their problems and fulfilling their desires. Our Jyotish services are provided under the guidance of Pandit B.B. Shastri and Pandit Gangadhar Sharma and other astrologers associated with them.
Other Service
We also offer other services in the following areas: Vighraha, Pratishtha (installation ceremony) fund raising, religious and spiritual consultation, guidance for enlightenment and positive thinking, Vedic priest training and employment, Vedic studies, Vedic astrology, charity for poor students and Vedic study, vastu, spiritual tours and other services.